nurturing self-care

Yay!  We have made it to one of my favorite weeks!!! It is time to pamper yourself!!

The best way to be able to care for others is to start with caring for yourself. Self-care is essential to your mental health and wellness, and taking time to listen to what your body needs and address it doesn't make you selfish, it makes you healthier.

ACTIVITY 1: Please complete the Nurturing Self-Care Module. I am so passionate about caring for yourself — mind, body, and heart. Everyone is unique, so their version of self-care will differ but the important thing to remember is to set time aside to do something that makes you happy.

ACTIVITY 2: In this module, I have included several simple self-care ideas that you can do at home. But feel free to pick other activities (a massage, spa day, manicure, etc.) that brings you joy and feels like an indulgence. 

You have made it to Module 13 of this program and you deserve it!! 

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