food journal

If you tried to recall everything you ate and drank yesterday, chances are you’d forget a thing or two (or five), and that’s completely normal. Unless you consciously set out to think through everything you put in your mouth, it’s easy to forget about a free sample at the market, a few nibbles while cooking, or a taste from your partner’s plate. Trouble is, those unacknowledged extras can add up quick, and get in the way of ketosis and health results. What’s more, you may be engaging in unhealthy patterns you’re not even remotely aware of. The solution: start keeping a FOOD JOURNAL. So that’s what we are going to do!

ACTIVITY 1: Watch the Food Journaling Intro Video and review the Food Journaling Overview Workbook.

ACTIVITY 2: Complete the 7 Day Food Journaling Workbook by writing down everything that you eat and how you feel for 7 days. Be as honest and accurate as possible!! Trust me – this is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE!

After 7 days are filled in, go back and look at any patterns in your eating habits. On days that you felt great, what did you eat? Do you find yourself craving sweets after stressful days? Do you not sleep well if you eat dinner past 9pm? Start drawing conclusions about not only your food patterns, but also how your "Primary Food" interacts with your eating. 

Most people are amazed when they finish this module, because they gain so much insight into what they are eating and more importantly WHY they eating. It is incredibly eye opening and allows you to start making changes immediately. Feel free to use a food journal for as long as you like! Many people find it to be a great tool that creates accountability.  

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