the science behind keto

Can you believe how much you have accomplished already?!!!! Let’s review:

  • Completed a Discovery Pack that set a baseline for which you are going to improve massively upon over course of this program!!

  • Dug deep into your Primary Food and figured out what parts of your life you need to focus on and came up with a plan!

  • Developed 3 SMART goals that are written down, ingrained in your mind, and ready to execute!!

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY! Gained the knowledge and skills to create a Positive Mindset that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Whew!!! How amazing it that?!!

Ok – I want to let you in on a secret!! You just completed the hardest part of the program!! You made it through and you should be beyond thrilled!! I am so proud of you!!

If you can make it through the first part of the program, you have proven to me and yourself that you GOT THIS!!

Going forward, each module that we complete will have a Module Summary Workbook attached to it. I urge you to print this out and complete it for each module. It will reinforce your learnings from the module and also challenge you to figure out how to incorporate what you learned into your daily life.

So let’s get going on Module 4!

I sincerely believe that PREPARATION=SUCCESS, so that means before we 100% dive into an all-keto diet, I want you to be as prepared as possible.

This module is all about getting you ready, so here are the steps to do that!

ACTIVITY 1: An informed mind, is an empowered mind!! I want you to understand the science behind the ketogenic diet so that you know exactly why it works and how it impacts your body. This week complete the Science Behind Keto Module. Watch the Keto 101 video and take notes in your Module Summary Workbook.

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