getting prepped for keto

It is time to get organized for your first week of the keto meal plan!!  You can download it here!

Pick the day you want to start the meal plan. Most people start on Mondays, but choose whatever works for you!

ACTIVITY 1: Get your kitchen in order (clean out your pantry/fridge)

ACTIVITY 2: Restock your pantry (or order your pantry staples from Thrive Market) or check out our Pantry Staples Page.

ACTIVITY 3: Buy your fresh proteins and produce, and do your Sunday meal prep! Click here for our favorite quality protein brands.

All of these steps are detailed in the Weekly Keto Meal Plan #1!! 

Get excited! You are really doing this and are going to get into ketosis soon!! Before you know it, your body is going to be a fat-burning machine!

So let’s get started!

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