breaking up with sugar

It’s time!! We are starting a 100% ketogenic diet!!! Ketosis – here we come!!

You should be completely prepped at this point, but if you aren’t make sure you complete all the Module 5 activities immediately! It is crucial that you are ready to go when you start.

I want you to start strong!!

In addition to following the Weekly Keto Meal Plan #1, it is time to officially break up with SUGAR!!

Spoiler alert!  Sugar is enemy number one and in this module I am going to give you all the reasons why you need to ditch it for life!!

Like I have said before, if you know the science behind how something impacts in your body – you will be armed with all the info that you need make an informed decision to say NO to sugar!!

ACTIVITY 1: Follow the Weekly Keto Meal Plan #1

ACTIVITY 2: Complete the Breaking Up With Sugar Module!

You got this!! 

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