empowered eating

You are doing amazing!! Just think - by following these weekly keto meal plans, you are reprogramming your body into a fat-burning machine!  Can you think of anything more incredible than your body taking its own stored fat and burning it as fuel? 

It is time to get ready for the Weekly Keto Meal Plan #2. You can download it here.

ACTIVITY 1: Get prepped for the Week 2 Meal Plan! Make sure to buy everything on the grocery list and also check to make sure your pantry is stocked for all the recipes!

ACTIVITY 2: One of the biggest differentiators of my program vs. other ketogenic diets – is that my program focuses on REAL FOODS!!  So this week, we are diving deeper into nutrition and food quality. Please complete this module. Watch all the videos and read all of the handouts. Also, make sure to complete your Module Summary Workbook for both modules.

Eating whole foods free of chemical additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients, and other toxic compounds will not only fast-charge your weight loss, but it is also the key to true health!!

I am so passionate about this topic, because I have experienced the power of healing my body with food.

Depending on what city you live in – the availability of quality foods can vary. Like anything worthwhile, it will take some time, effort and research to find the best options around your neighborhood.  Be a food detective!  Don’t settle for crappy foods that are making you sicker and heavier!! This is your fuel!! This is your medicine!  This is your nourishment!  Raise your standards and your body will thank you! Check out our Shop page for keto favorites that pass the high quality test!

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