meal plan like a pro

It is time to get ready for the Weekly Keto Meal Plan #3 that starts on Monday. You can download it here. This weekend make sure to buy everything on the grocery list and also check to make sure your pantry is stocked for all the recipes!

You know the saying “Teach a man to fish and he will eat for days…”, well it is time for me to teach you how to meal plan like a pro!!

When you leave this program, I want you to have all the skills you need to maintain the Clean Keto Lifestyle FOREVER. That means, I need to instill in you specific tools and keto meal planning is part of that toolkit.

ACTIVITY 1: Please complete Module 8. This module will walk you through my secret keto formula to keep you in ketosis and feeling incredible! Keto meal planning doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. I have developed a proprietary 8:3:6 formula that you can easily implement and makes meal planning a breeze. 

It is easy. I give you a listing of foods from each macronutrient category and all you have to do is just pick and choose to create your keto meals!

ACTIVITY 2: Read all of the handouts in this module and then fill out your Weekly Meal Plan Template for practice (we will use it in a few weeks). Feel free to incorporate your favorite recipes from the keto meal plans that you have been following the past 3 weeks. Also, check out our amazing Recipe Catalog for keto recipe ideas. The possibilities are endless!

Once your meal plan is complete think of ways to meal prep on next Sunday so that you can save time during the week. Examples include chopping your produce, roasting protein/veggies, and making dressing/sauces.

ACTIVITY 3: Head out to the grocery store meal plan in hand and get all the items you need for your very own Keto Meal Plan!

Let’s keep up the momentum!  You are doing so great!

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