mindful eating

We are on Module 9!!! Can you believe it?!!  Just think about how much you have accomplished!

This week, I want you to really focus on mindful eating!  Being present while you are eating and really paying attention to each bite that you take is such an incredible skill to have!  That is why I have dedicated an entire module to mindful eating!

ACTIVITY 1: Please complete this module. First, take the Mindful Eating Quiz and really be honest with yourself. After taking the quiz, look at all the areas that you need to focus on.

ACTIVITY 2: Next, start to incorporate my Mindful Eating Guidelines this week and complete the other exercises in the module as well.

These exercises are so powerful and really make a difference!! Take them seriously and make it a priority to fine-tune your mindful eating skills. Developing a mindful eating practice is one of the most valuable tools that this program has to offer and will serve you so much going forward!

ACTIVITY 3: Also, let’s keep mastering meal planning. Complete your next Weekly Meal Plan template sometime during the week.

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